100% Free for Hospitals & Medical Centres

Patient to own and control their health records

Put an end to CDs & films by giving your patients true  ownership over their records. Allow patients to easily share their data wth specialist and care teams regardless of where they are located.

A User friendly image sharing platform that allows any patient to own and manage their health over long term

Our vision is to provide readily accessible health records to to all the patients

We believe that this can only be realized when the following key concepts are in-place:

Contactless, easy & 100% automated online patient sign up process

Patients can do a complete sign up online without any involvement by hospital or care team. It’s an fully automated patient registration experience without any ‘sign-up codes’, scanning of consent forms or any in-person contact

True ownership, not just a patient view only portal

Unlike a portal, patients truly own their record & store it personally in their account. They can easily and timely share the records with doctors to get the best possible care, specially in times of emergency and long term care

Permanent storage

Medical records are stored permanently for the patients, without any ongoing fees. Number of imaged does not matter, their records will be available when they need them

Effortless sharing, perfect for post acute patient monitoring

Patients can instantly share images without requiring physician’s email address. These exams can be quickly viewed or imported in full diagnostic quality, without any registration, software or training required. Specially designed for busy doctor offices

A user friendly interface, specially designed for patients

Finally, a patient imaging access platform designed for patients. Clear guidance, easy to navigate page layouts, and evident visuals at each step to help even the non-tech-savvy patient take ownership of their imaging records

World-class, customized marketing support

Every PocketHealth implementation includes a dedicated Marketing Manager & Design Lead. Their mission is to ensure the success of your go-live with customized full-size posters, handouts, website language, social media assets, waiting room TV-spots and more. All assets are designed closely with your team, with your branding, and are 100% funded by PocketHealth.

Full support by our Patient Experience team

Our Patient Experience representatives are skilled to troubleshoot patient issues. They are readily available via phone or email, and can handle all patient inquiries — so your staff don’t have to

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