Your medical records are hard to manage and
So, we made it easier.

Your Health Data goes with you

  • MobeHealth allows you to store, view and share your medical records from anywhere in the world. Instead of you picking up paper copies, we work
    with your hospital digitally, organize them in a secure account, and store 
    them forever — all for ₹199.

Your Entire Medical History

  • Access all available medical exams & other health reports from your hospital/clinic.

Permanent Storage

  • Your records transferred to your account are stored forever, so they’ll be there when you, or your healthcare provider, needs them.

Share with Any Doctor/Hospital

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₹199.99 for Permanent Storage

For every transfer of records, you are asked to pay a ₹ 199.99 fee. A transfer includes your entire available medical history from your hospital/clinic. The records are stored forever, without any further fees for accessing/sharing those records. However, whenever new tests are done in the future it would be considered as a new request, and would ask for another ₹199.99 transfer Fee if you want to store them within your account. For unlimited plan, reach us today.

₹199.99 for Permanent Storage ₹199.99 for Permanent Storage ₹199.99 for Permanent Storage ₹199.99 for Permanent Storage

2-Week Grace Period

Any new medical exams done at the same clinic/hospital over the next two weeks will be covered by us and it will be added to your account without an additional charge.

Secure Payments

We assure that we never store your banking card information. Our online payment gateways are encrypted with bank level security.

Sustainable Pricing

Our pricing model is just to sustain our business, if you still can't afford it- reach us out and we'll take care of you.

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