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The power to share complete medical records without limit, from the comfort of your home.
Welcome to the new standard in record sharing by your mobiles/laptops anywhere anytime

Smooth and easy sending experience

Simple Office Interface

No software required – Securely launch MobeHealth from any staff’s computer within their web browser in seconds. Employee in any department can put a query for any patient — even minutes after their scan — for real time access and faster decision making. Minimal training required with a smooth onboarding – wide transition from CD transfers to instant, electronic image sharing.

Rapid Report Selection

Patient reports are rapidly pulled in real-time from all of your local environments (including archive/repository storage) and presented to administrative staff for quick selection. Administrators also maintain complete control over user access, and can build automated “rules” around which records are available for release by their team. Thus, A sharing platform that anyone and everyone can use, from Trauma to Surgery.

One Click PDF or JPG Generation

After selecting the report, a unique and secure PIN is generate. Patient’s DOB and easy-link
accessible by any receiving party, regardless of their internet connection.

Feature Packed Experience for all the Receiving Sites

Authorize your receiving parties to access, view
or download reports from any computer, in seconds.

Secure Access

Receiving parties can securely access records from any hospital/clinic: no account set-up, bookmarking, training or software required.

View Mode

Doctors can view all shared imaging & reports in a regulatory-compliant, fully digital viewer at an incredibly fast rate.

Easy Import

DICOM files can be downloaded without any compression and easily imported. No dificult proprietary formats: just original files and a DICOMDIR, ready for importing.

Unleash Powerful Diagnosis for your Receiving Doctors with an Leading, Digital Viewer

A consulting physician, specialist, or radiologist pursuing a diagnosis – All will be empowered to access diagnostic quality images using a
feature-packed cloud viewer, from any location, on any device, right from the access page

Acquaint your doctors to a viewing experience without limits, and provide your patients the seamless record transfer experience they deserve

Use Cases

Urgent Record Transfer

Your patient is in Emergency Department awaiting discharge to the MAX Hospital stroke center. They were stabilized hours ago, but need their Head CT viewable by MAX team. Typically, this means submitting a CD/film request and waiting hours for the imaging. Now, your Emergency Department can run independently of Diagnostic Imaging by printing off their patients’ access pages and handing it to their family as soon as discharge is approved. The end result? Reducing hundreds of hours of discharge time and saving precious minutes in critical record transfer scenarios.

Providing Priors Records for Consultation

You receive an email/fax or call from an imaging site from another state: they are waiting on a prior mammogram study before they can finalize their breast screening exam. Instead of burning a CD or printing films and couriering it across the country you can simply return the fax with a fax of your own, and finalize your patient’s chart transfer in seconds. Your receiving sites experience a seamless record import directly into their system and reduce their reporting turnaround time by weeks. Meanwhile, your site saves thousands a year in CD/film & couriering fees and you eliminate weeks of anxious waiting for your breast imaging patients.

Requesting a Specialist Consult

You have a paediatric inpatient whose studies require an external consult by the leading Children’s Super-Speciality Hospital in the region. Family requests the hospital administration to print the films or burn a CD, of the patient’s records and courier the package over to the Children’s Hospital (arriving 2 days later) or family themselves take the records for consultation. Now, any staff member across the hospital can share imaging, your radiologists’ reporting and request-for-consult in one fluid action, cutting down turnaround time for printing/burning CD and transferring. So your patient gets the specialized care they need even sooner.

Providing Referring Physicians with Records

Your patient left without collecting records, or are losses them and now (2 weeks later) their cardiologist calls looking to view the echo imaging for the report they received — with only minutes left in the consult. In a click, your Department can select the patient’s study, type in the physician’s fax number and provide secure viewing access without slowing down their workflow. This leads to happier referring physicians and another consult rescheduling avoided for your patient.

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